Discover the reasons behind the recent increase in property prices in Bengaluru. Understand the government’s decision and its impact on buyers and sellers.


In a significant move, the Karnataka government has announced a rise in property guidance values by 25 to 30 percent, leading to an immediate increase in property prices across Bengaluru. This decision comes after five years of unchanged guidance values, prompting a surge in property registrations as buyers rush to secure deals before the new rates take effect.

Reasons for the Increase

The state’s revenue minister emphasized that the guidance values, which represent the minimum selling prices set by the government, had stagnated for half a decade. To counter this, the government decided to revise the values. In areas where market rates closely align with guidance values, the latter saw a 10 percent increment. Conversely, in areas where market rates significantly exceeded guidance values, the increase ranged between 20 to 25 percent.

Impact on Buyers

Buyers now face higher property costs due to the surge in guidance values. Additionally, a 5.6 percent stamp duty on the property’s value, along with a fixed registration fee of 1 percent plus cess and surcharge, are to be paid by the buyer, increasing the financial burden on purchasers.

Government’s Perspective

The government’s revenue minister, Krishna Byre Gowda, stated that this revision was essential not only to reflect the current market realities but also to curb potential black money transactions. He stressed the importance of annual revisions to prevent stagnation and maintain transparency in the real estate sector.

Implementation Plan

The revised rates have been implemented in Bengaluru from October 1. However, other districts will witness a gradual implementation based on discussions within local subcommittees.


While this increase may pose challenges to buyers, it aligns with the government’s efforts to maintain market transparency and curb undesirable financial practices in the real estate sector. As Bengaluru adapts to these changes, understanding the nuances of this decision becomes crucial for both buyers and sellers alike.

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