Read about the rigorous investigation exposing 134 cases of stamp duty evasion across 7 talukas, including Palanpur. Builders under scrutiny for fraudulent activities.

In a significant development, authorities have issued notices to 134 individuals involved in stamp duty evasion across 7 talukas, including Palanpur. The investigation focused on builders fabricating documents for open plots while selling houses. Specifically, 105 cases in Palanpur alone were identified during the inquiry.

Unearthing Fraudulent Activities

A thorough investigation delved into the creation of falsified documents related to open plots, primarily orchestrated by builders. Ten talukas, with Palanpur at the center, came under scrutiny. The diligent efforts of revenue staff from the Mamlatdar office involved cross-verifying 354 documents over the past three months. This extensive scrutiny revealed a staggering 134 instances of stamp duty evasion.

Cross-Verification and Penal Action

Over the course of the investigation, a meticulous cross-verification process was employed to ascertain the authenticity of documents. The revenue staff painstakingly examined 354 records, leading to the identification of the evasion cases. In response, penal action is imminent for the 134 individuals involved in these fraudulent activities.

Ensuring Accountability and Justice

This crackdown on stamp duty evasion underscores the commitment of authorities to ensure transparency and accountability in real estate transactions. By taking decisive action against the culprits, the authorities send a strong message that fraudulent practices will not be tolerated. This effort not only upholds the law but also protects the interests of honest citizens, fostering trust in the real estate sector.

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