The Inspector General of Registration (IG) has taken a significant step in addressing an alarming case that has surfaced at the District Registrar’s Office in Gwalior. This case revolves around serious allegations of stamp duty evasion, ranging from 50 lakh to a staggering one crore rupees, all concealed behind a web of hidden facts. In response, IG M Selvandram has authorized a comprehensive investigation into this matter, confirming its gravity.

The focal point of this investigation is a piece of land situated in Patwari Halka No. 43, Village Barua Pichor (Sitholi), encompassing Survey No. 72, 73/2, 73/3, and 73/1, which was officially registered on August 26, 2022. Intriguingly, this property, which had been auctioned and registered by a bank, remained shrouded in obscurity for an extended period. It was only when Deepak Singh, the land’s owner, sought information regarding the property’s status alongside the registry that this matter came to light. Upon a comprehensive review of the property details, even the district registrar expressed astonishment. Preliminary assessments indicate the potential of stamp duty evasion ranging from 50 lakh to one crore rupees.

In response to these allegations, Deputy Registrar Dushyant Dixit, the individual responsible for registering the document, has categorically denied any wrongdoing. According to Dixit, three complaint applications were submitted, with the initial complaint targeting the bank. However, ten days later, a complaint was lodged against him personally. He asserts that he is being deliberately implicated in this matter. Dixit clarifies that the property’s auction and subsequent registration were executed based on bank documents, and the property’s registration was conducted in accordance with the information provided by the bank. He has also submitted his explanation to the District Registrar, firmly maintaining his innocence.

A shocking revelation that has come to the fore is that stamp duty worth a staggering 9.85 crore rupees has been illicitly siphoned off by concealing crucial facts in 3,452 documents over the course of two years within the registration office. Cases of stamp duty evasion have been formally recorded with the district registrar, and investigations are already underway. This disconcerting situation appears to have arisen due to collusion among various parties, including document writers, and a lack of oversight by department officials during the documentation process.

Typically, in cases of stamp duty evasion, the initial action is taken against the document writer. However, alarmingly, despite causing a substantial loss of 9.985 million rupees to the government, no actions have been taken against the document writers thus far. This highlights the urgency of addressing the issue and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. The investigation initiated by the IG Registration aims to shed light on this intricate matter and ensure that justice is served in the interest of the government and the public.

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