Surat’s stamp duty fraud has been exposed. There has been a public outrage over the evasion of stamp duty on 179 papers. The Collector has issued an order to reclaim the Rs 12 crore in unpaid stamp duty.

Documents pertaining to duty underpayment were checked in Surat’s several sub-registrar offices. During this inquiry, the stamp duty swindle was discovered. According to the findings, the loss in stamp duty in the Surat district was 5.93 crores in non-agriculture, 6.28 crores under Section-63, and more than 12 crore rupees.

Ayush Oak, the Surat District Collector, has directed the stamp duty assessment officer to collect the decreased stamp duty. Following the increase of the jantri price, 179 owners of land who filed stamp duty paperwork in accordance with the previous jantri under non-cultivation and section 63 paid less stamp duty. The Collector has directed that the lost duty of 12.08 crores be recovered from them.

The inquiry was launched in response to the Gopin Group case.

The presumably wrongdoing sub-registrar has been transferred to Ahmedabad.

A Gopin Group document was scrutinized a few days ago when it was discovered that crores of rupees in stamp duty had been unpaid. Following this inquiry, an order to pay extra stamp duty was issued. As a result, the officer who registered this paper was transferred, and he faced criminal charges. On the possibility that the same thing had happened in other papers, more investigation was launched.

Sub-registrars’ collusion in looting government coffers.

When a party visits to a sub-registrar’s office to submit a document, the sub-registrar reads, learns, and understands all of the property’s facts. This sub-registrar is also well-versed on the jantri rate in the assigned area. So that the document procedure is completed, the document is written very explicitly about the size of the property being sold and its particular location. If this is all, it is clear what the sub registrar’s aim was in registering a document with a lower stamp duty.

It is obvious that corruption may have occurred in the office of the Sub-Registrar in such circumstances. After completing an inquiry, the collector directed that an sum of 12 crores be deposited into the government treasury, but no action has been taken against these corrupt government employees.

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