The Jammu and Kashmir Government issues directives to Sub-Registrars to ensure compliance with rules governing e-stamp certificates, aiming to prevent misuse and maintain transparency.

In an effort to safeguard the integrity of e-stamp certificates, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has instructed Sub-Registrars across the Union Territory to strictly adhere to Rule 27 of the J&K Stamps (Payment of Duty by means of e-stamping) Rules, 2020.

Ensuring Compliance with E-Stamp Rules

During a crucial meeting held on September 13, 2023, the Principal Secretary to the Government, Finance Department, underscored the importance of preventing the misuse of e-stamp certificates in Articles/Instruments within the Registration Department. Rule 27 (1) mandates that any instrument stamped with an e-stamp must clearly display the e-stamp certificate on its face. Furthermore, a part of the instrument should be inscribed below the application in any other instrument, as per the same sub-rule.

Preventing Misuse and Evading Stamp Duty

Rule 27 (2) explicitly states that no second instrument, chargeable with duty, should be written on or using the same e-stamp certificate that has already been used for another instrument. This stringent regulation ensures that proper duty is paid for each instrument, preventing any attempts to evade stamp duty. In case of violation of sub-rules (1) and (2), Rule 27 (3) deems the instrument as unstamped.

Stringent Measures for Compliance

To enforce compliance effectively, all Sub-Registrars have been instructed to entertain instruments only if they meet the criteria outlined in Rule 27 and its sub-rules. Additionally, Sub-Registrars are required to prominently display this circular within their offices. This step aims to serve as a ready reference for citizens and professionals involved in the registration processes.

Delay in E-Stamp Paper Scam Investigation

In a related development, the Inspector General of Registration for Jammu and Kashmir, Sheikh Arshad Ayub, led a panel to investigate a multi-crores e-stamp paper scam uncovered in the Bishnah area of Jammu. Initiated on September 9, 2023, the panel was expected to submit its inquiry report by September 16. However, due to the complexity of the matter under investigation, it is anticipated that the inquiry report will be delayed, according to sources.

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