Bollywood actor John Abraham makes headlines with his latest real estate move, acquiring a lavish bungalow in Mumbai’s upscale Khar area for a staggering Rs 70.83 crore. Explore the details of this high-profile purchase, including the prime location and the actor’s distinctive choice amid Mumbai’s real estate trends.

John Abraham’s Opulent Mumbai Acquisition

Renowned Bollywood actor John Abraham has recently invested a substantial amount, Rs 70.83 crore, in an expansive bungalow nestled in Mumbai’s affluent Khar area. The property, sprawling over 5,416 sqft, comes with an additional land area of 7,722 sqft. This notable acquisition was disclosed through property registration documents obtained by

Exclusive Location and Transaction Details

Situated along Khar’s renowned Linking Road, a vibrant retail hub and home to various educational institutions, the luxurious bungalow is positioned in a prime location. The official registration of the transaction, conducted on December 27, 2023, involved a significant stamp duty payment by John Abraham, amounting to Rs 4.24 crore. The actor’s latest film appearance was in the 2023 hit ‘Pathaan’.

Khar’s Real Estate Dynamics

Khar, known for its upscale residential spaces, commands a per-square-foot price ranging between Rs 40,000 to 90,000 for residential real estate. This pricing is contingent on the specific location within Khar and the overall grade of the property, a fact highlighted by local real estate experts.

Distinct Choice in Mumbai’s Real Estate Landscape

In a departure from the prevalent trend where contemporary stars often opt for high-rise apartments due to space constraints in Mumbai, John Abraham’s choice of a bungalow stands out. Typically associated with industry veterans, horizontal properties like bungalows signify a unique preference, reflecting a blend of luxury and space.

Celebrity Trends in Mumbai’s Real Estate

John Abraham’s recent real estate move aligns with the growing trend of celebrities investing in Mumbai’s iconic bungalows. His acquisition in the affluent Khar neighborhood resonates with the broader inclination of Bollywood’s elite securing opulent residences in prime city locations.

Awaiting John Abraham’s Response

Queries have been directed to John Abraham regarding this property purchase, with fans and real estate enthusiasts eagerly anticipating his response. This high-profile acquisition emphasizes the enduring allure of Mumbai’s real estate market for the entertainment industry. John Abraham’s next cinematic venture, ‘The Diplomat’ by Shivam Nair, is set to release on January 11.

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