Discover Maharashtra Housing Development Corporation’s swift progress in constructing 36,000 affordable homes across cities like Solapur, Nagpur, Satara, and Titwala under the PMAY scheme.

In a significant initiative to meet housing demands, the Maharashtra Housing Development Corporation (Mahahousing) is making remarkable strides in constructing 36,000 small houses across tier-2 and 3 cities, including Solapur, Nagpur, Satara, and Titwala in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). These homes, ranging from 300 to 600 sq ft, are priced between ₹9 to ₹17 lakh, catering to economically weaker sections, low-income groups, and middle-income groups.

Expediting Construction Efforts:

Facing a shortfall in their PMAY construction targets, the state government intensified its efforts. With the implementation of the PMAY scheme, Mahahousing plans to build 2,200 flats in Titwala, with a tender already in process. The first batch of 500 houses for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Low-Income Groups (LIG) in Solapur will be distributed through a lottery system, and the marketing process is underway.

Affordability and Amenities:

Beneficiaries in Solapur can acquire these houses for ₹9 lakh, thanks to a ₹2.5 lakh financial support under PMAY. Construction workers further benefit from an additional ₹2 lakh reduction. These homes come equipped with essential amenities, including a modular kitchen, wall unit, and water purifier.

Government Initiatives and Private Partnerships:

To expedite the construction, the government collaborated with private builders, offering them incentives. Under PMAY, beneficiaries receive a subsidy of ₹2.5 lakh. Stamp duty for these houses is merely ₹1,000, and private builders enjoy an FSI of 2.5. The lands allocated for construction are green zones, specifically designated for housing purposes. The profit-sharing arrangement stands at 85:15 with private players.

Mahahousing’s strategic approach, coupled with government initiatives and private partnerships, is paving the way for affordable housing solutions, ensuring that the dream of home ownership becomes a reality for many in Maharashtra.

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