Investigation initiated by Haldwani’s Municipal Corporation into the sale of Nazul land, addressing concerns over stamp duty discrepancies and forming a committee for further inquiry.

Investigation Into Nazul Land Sales

Haldwani’s Municipal Corporation has initiated an investigation into the sale of Nazul land, including Banbhulpura, amidst concerns over irregularities in stamp duty assessments. This move comes as Nazul land within the Municipal Corporation area has reportedly been sold at significantly low stamp prices ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 100. The Corporation aims to scrutinize all transactions involving Nazul land to ensure transparency and adherence to legal protocols.

Formation of Investigative Committee

Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay has constituted a committee to oversee the investigation into Nazul land sales. The committee has been tasked with examining the sale deeds and stamp duty records to identify any discrepancies or violations of regulations. This proactive measure underscores the Corporation’s commitment to upholding integrity and accountability in land transactions within its jurisdiction.

Geo-Tagging Initiative for Nazul Land

In addition to the investigation, Haldwani’s Municipal Corporation has commenced a geo-tagging initiative for Nazul land to monitor its utilization and identify vacant plots. Five teams are currently engaged in geo-tagging activities, aiming to catalog the status and location of Nazul land parcels. This initiative will provide valuable insights into the extent of vacant Nazul land and facilitate better land management strategies. Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay emphasizes the importance of geo-tagging in understanding the distribution and usage of Nazul land for effective urban planning and development.

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