The Inspector General of Registration (IGR) and Controller of Stamps Office introduces an e-mutation initiative in Pune for new property buyers, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for physical visits. Learn how this digital innovation aims to simplify property tax document entries from January 2024

Easing Property Transactions in Pune: E-Mutation Initiative Unveiled

In a bid to enhance the property buying experience, the Inspector General of Registration (IGR) and Controller of Stamps Office has launched an e-mutation initiative in Pune. This digital advancement, successfully implemented in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), is set to revolutionize property transactions, starting January 2024.

Real-Time Data Relay: A Game-Changer for New Buyers

New property buyers in Pune can bid farewell to the traditional hurdles of updating their names on property tax documents. With the e-mutation facility, transaction details recorded at the Department of Registration and Stamps Maharashtra will be seamlessly transmitted to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) server in real-time. This marks a significant departure from the current practice, eliminating the need for buyers to physically visit the property tax department or ward office.

Current Challenges in Property Registration: An Overview

Presently, individuals purchasing new properties navigate a complex process involving online and offline avenues for registering documents with the PMC. This often requires visits to property tax or ward offices, submitting forms for name changes, and providing a slew of documents, including sale deeds, Index II, NoC from cooperative housing societies, property tax receipts, and property card copies. The cumbersome procedure can take anywhere from 15 to 45 days for a successful name change on the property card.

The Vision Behind E-Mutation: IGR Hiralal Sonawane’s Perspective

IGR Hiralal Sonawane emphasized that the e-mutation initiative aims to alleviate the burden on citizens who spend considerable time collecting and submitting physical documents. By enabling server-to-server linkage between the IGR server and PMC server, the initiative ensures that necessary name changes occur automatically. The implementation of this scheme, starting January 2024, is a strategic move toward a more efficient and citizen-friendly property transaction process in Pune.

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