Spain’s Travipos SA is making substantial investments in West Bengal, including an ethanol plant and concrete sleeper factory, contributing to the state’s development and growth.

In a promising development for West Bengal, the Spain-based company Travipos SA is making substantial investments in the region, aimed at boosting its growth and development. The company’s ambitious plans include the establishment of an ethanol plant and a state-of-the-art concrete sleeper factory, among other ventures.

Ethanol Plant in Siliguri

Travipos SA is set to invest a whopping Rs 150 crore in the construction of an ethanol plant in Siliguri. This plant will have a remarkable daily production capacity of 200,000 liters. The investment reflects Travipos’ commitment to sustainable practices and aligns with the ethanol production promotion policy of West Bengal. This policy offers enticing financial incentives, including land mutation and conversion fee waivers, stamp duty exemptions, and reduced electricity duties.

Concrete Sleeper Manufacturing Plant in New Jalpaiguri

In addition to the ethanol plant, Travipos will allocate another Rs 100 crore for the establishment of a cutting-edge concrete sleeper manufacturing plant in New Jalpaiguri. This investment signifies a significant contribution to the infrastructure development of the region.

Exploring a Five-Star Hotel

Travipos is not stopping there. The company is also exploring the possibility of constructing a five-star hotel in Siliguri, which could further enhance the region’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Travipos SA, a subsidiary of PCM Railone, operates in 14 countries, including Spain, Germany, and West Asia. This move into West Bengal showcases their commitment to the state’s economic progress and development.

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