A stamp duty fraud amounting to Rs 100 crore has been unearthed in Gorakhpur, involving the Thapa family of Nepal. Cases have been registered, signaling stringent action against perpetrators.

Stamp Duty Scam Exposed

A significant stamp duty scam, totaling Rs 100 crore, has been uncovered in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The fraudulent activity revolves around the misuse of Power of Attorney by the Thapa family of Nepal, former residents of Gorakhpur. The scam came to light following an investigation prompted by a complaint lodged on the Jansunwai portal.

Modus Operandi and Investigation

The scam involved the transfer of property rights through Power of Attorney to 15 individuals associated with the Thapa family. However, discrepancies were found in the stamp duty and registration fees paid during the transactions. While the actual dues amounted to crores, a mere fraction was deposited, indicating a systematic attempt to evade legitimate charges. Upon scrutiny, it was revealed that Rs 6,84,78,120 less than the required amount was deposited in each transaction.

Extent of Fraud and Legal Action

The magnitude of the scam becomes apparent when considering the cumulative shortfall across all transactions, totaling Rs 102,71,71,800. Such fraudulent practices have raised concerns not only in Gorakhpur but also across the state. As a result, cases have been registered under Section 47 of the Indian Stamp Act, and notices have been issued to the individuals involved, signaling swift and decisive legal action against the perpetrators.

Implications and Recommendations

The ramifications of this scam extend beyond monetary losses, impacting the integrity of property transactions and the credibility of regulatory mechanisms. Authorities have recommended on-site inspections to further probe the matter and ensure accountability. Additionally, with the implementation of new ordinances, scrutiny of recent Power of Attorney transactions has commenced, indicating a proactive approach to prevent future frauds and uphold the rule of law.

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