How Rajasthan Government’s initiatives are simplifying property registration, enhancing citizen experience, and preventing fraud. Read more about the innovative steps taken for hassle-free registration.

Empowering Citizens Through Online Initiatives:
Rajasthan Government is dedicated to providing hassle-free services. Through the web-enabled registration platform, e-Panjiyan, citizens can initiate registration from their homes. All 614 Sub Registrar offices are connected, enabling the entire process to be executed online. This platform allows citizens to select convenient time slots and appear before the Sub Registrar, streamlining the registration process significantly.

Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency:
Efficiency lies in playing dual roles effectively – authenticating documents and collecting stamp duty. Online payment methods, including e-GRAS, e-Stamps, and traditional paper stamps, simplify transactions. The department has integrated its system with the state’s online land record management, ensuring only verified data are used. Alerts from encumbrances, court cases, and prohibited land sales are in place, preventing fraudulent transactions.

Corporate Experience for Citizens:
The state is establishing model sub-registrar offices on the PPP model, offering a corporate experience. Two such offices are already operational in Bikaner and Jodhpur, with more to follow. A panel of private property valuers facilitates property valuation, aiding in determining stamp duty. Authenticating parties using PAN and Aadhaar adds an extra layer of security.

Revenue Allocation and Citizen-Friendly Services:
Stamp duties and registration fees contribute to the state’s general revenue, supporting various welfare projects. Cess on stamp duty aids in maintaining Gosalas, urban infrastructure, and natural calamity funding. The government focuses on providing accessible services, allowing citizens to submit online requests and even providing on-the-spot registration facilities for bulk documents.

Rajasthan Government’s citizen-centric approach not only simplifies property registration but also ensures transparency, efficiency, and a seamless experience for its diverse population. These innovative steps signify a paradigm shift in property registration services, empowering citizens and fostering trust in the system.

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