Chirag Dalia, a well-known builder, filed documents in order to save stamp duty on 168 bighas of uncultivated land in Kansad Village.

The Deputy Collector served a notice with a three-day deadline to explain and pay the uncollected stamp duty of Rs.3.62 crore.

Chirag Mukesh Dalia, a partner in Bhopal’s well-known Gopin Infra Group, was arrested. The government disclosed that non-agricultural land in Kansad had been documented as agricultural land in order to save crores of rupees in stamp duty. Following the exposure of well-known builder Chirag Dalia’s illegal activities, the officer of the Deputy Collector Stamp Duty Assessment Division-2 issued a notice to pay the missing stamp duty of Rs.3.62 crore and demanded a written response within three days.

Property owners continue to use ingenious methods to avoid paying stamp duty. Despite the fact that the TP programme has been declared, the government exchequer continues to suffer damage in stamp duty, by people showing non-agricultural land or non-cultivable land as agricultural land. One such case has emerged in Choryasi Taluka’s Kansad village. Chirag Mukeshbhai Dalia, a resident of Kapodra Mamtapark Society, filed documents in the last four months on behalf of Gopin Infra Partnership firm for land with 60 distinct block numbers in Kansad. On the one hand, Chirag Mukeshbhai Dalia of the partnership firm sought approval under Clause 63.

To obtain approval under Section-63, the buyer must register the paperwork as non-agricultural but, Chirag Mukesh Dalia, a Gopin Infra partner, registered the document as agricultural machinery for the non-agricultural land to save stamp duty. Because Chirag Dalia paid less than the standard stamp duty, the officer of the Deputy Collector Stamp Duty Assessment Division-2 issued a notice to pay the Rs 3,62,75,000. A well-known building company in the city was sent with a notice to pay the missing stamp duty as well as a fine. It was also instructed to make a written submission within three days of receiving the notification.

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