The Tamil Nadu government greenlights the acquisition of 3,774.01 acres for Chennai’s second airport in Parandur. The project, estimated at Rs 20,000 crore, aims to handle 100 million passengers annually. Explore details on land acquisition, compensation, and the anticipated completion by 2028.

Tamil Nadu Approves Land Acquisition for Chennai’s Second Airport in Parandur

The Tamil Nadu government has granted administrative approval for the acquisition of 3,774.01 acres of land in Parandur and 19 other villages in Kancheepuram district for the construction of Chennai’s second airport. The greenfield airport, estimated at Rs 20,000 crore, is poised to have a capacity of handling 100 million passengers per annum.

Land Acquisition Details: A Total of 5,746.18 Acres

The proposed airport project necessitates a total land area of 5,746.18 acres, with 3,774.01 acres identified as patta lands and the remainder as government lands. Compensation for acquired land will adhere to the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.

Challenges and Opposition: Addressing Local Concerns

Despite opposition from local residents concerned about potential displacement, the government plans to proceed with land acquisition using the Tamil Nadu Acquisition of Land for Industrial Purposes Act, 1997, or private negotiations. The process, expected to take two years, involves creating over 300 temporary posts.

Government Order for Land Alienation: A Comprehensive Approach

The government has issued a Government Order (G.O.) approving the alienation of 1,917.17 acres of government lands. The comprehensive rehabilitation and resettlement package cover various aspects, including housing units, employment opportunities, subsistence grants, transportation support, and stamp duty and registration fee coverage.

Environmental Considerations and Mitigation Measures

To address environmental concerns and implement mitigation measures for waterbodies and watershed management in the project area, the Industries, Investment Promotion, and Commerce Department issued a Government Order. The order emphasizes compliance with existing laws based on High-Level Committee recommendations.

Anticipated Completion and Economic Impact

Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Industries, Thangam Thennarasu, estimates the completion of the Parandur Greenfield Airport by 2028. With an investment-to-return ratio of Rs 100 to Rs 325, the project positions itself as a significant player in Chennai’s aviation sector.

Chennai’s Dual Airport System: A Future Possibility

Drawing parallels with cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa, which operate dual airport systems, Chief Minister M K Stalin affirms that both the existing airport at Meenambakkam and the upcoming airport at Parandur will function simultaneously. This strategic approach aims to accommodate the burgeoning demand in the civil aviation sector.

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