The State government announced on Monday the linkage of Aadhaar Cards (unique identifying numbers) with land records in an effort to prevent land grabs or fraudulent land dealings. The administration also plans to improve the online property register, which will link financial institutions and quasi-judicial rulings.

Revenue Minister Atanasio Monserrate told the House on Monday that the government is in the process of linking land record rights with the Aadhaar number, so that any changes in property rights are notified to the registered owner.

He further stated that the government aims to enhance the online property registry of the Department of Settlement and Land Records, allowing interested buyers to verify the owners of the concerned property and other information before entering into a deal.

“Furthermore, financial institutions, judicial and quasi-judicial decisions, PWD, and the Electricity Department will be linked with the property register so that any encumbrances are known to the public,” he added. The Minister stated that the government has suggested notifying new market-driven land rates linked to built-up property rates, which would be utilized as a ready reckoner for the purpose of calculating stamp duty and registration fees.

The minister also mentioned that the Government aims to create mobile applications to discover and identify properties in real time.

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