Baghpat: Property deed will not be done without geo tag photo. This is being done only so that stamp duty evasion can be stopped. At present, this system has been started in cases of gifting of property and gift deed is not being done without Geo tag photo. If the arrangement in the gift deed is successful, it will be done in other deeds. This will benefit both the government and the property owner.

Only Rs 5,000 stamp will be used for gifting property. This scheme has been relaunched last week itself. 

The scheme was implemented last year for six months. Then people made gift deed of even commercial land, office, school, factory. This was later revealed in the investigation. In view of this, this time only agricultural land, house and plot have been included in the gift deed. Along with this, this time a new arrangement has been made in the gift deed. In which the property for which the gift deed is going to be executed, You will have to stand on it and take a photo with the geo tag. The photo of that geo tag will be put in the gift deed and only after that the gift deed can be done. On the basis of which the correct location of the land will remain with the department and which can be investigated later.

The way gift deed is not being done without the photo of geo tag now. Similarly, preparations have been made to implement this system in general deed. Because many people put less stamp while getting the property deed. Apart from this, sometimes due to lack of information people get less stamp. Those who are later investigated are fined along with registering a case of stamp duty theft. In such a situation, when the photo of the geo tag is taken, then the exact location of that property will be known during the deed. Due to which the problem of getting less stamp will end. In this way both the government and the property owner will benefit from it.

For the first time, photos with geo tags are being used in the gift deed, while till now normal photos were used. Any kind of problem and confusion can be avoided with geo tagged photos. This system may soon be implemented in general deeds. Shivshankar, Deputy Registrar, Registry Department

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