An extensive investigation by Lokayukta reveals a stamp duty evasion scheme, implicating Kshema Power Limited and government officials in significant financial losses. Learn about the alleged fraudulent activities and the legal actions taken against those involved.

Unraveling the Stamp Duty Evasion Saga

In a startling revelation, the Lokayukta has initiated legal proceedings against 11 individuals, including four registrars, for their alleged involvement in a stamp duty evasion scandal. The case centers around Kshema Power Limited Company, operating in wind energy in Ratlam and Ujjain districts, and its subsidiaries.

Journalist’s Complaint Triggers Investigation

The investigation was spurred by a complaint filed by journalist Chhotu Shastri, pointing out stamp duty evasion practices by Kshema Power Limited and its associates. Lokayukta SP Anil Vishwakarma of Ujjain division took charge of the case, delving into the intricate details.

Stamp Duty Evasion Scheme Unveiled

The Lokayukta team, collaborating with various government departments, uncovered a scheme where Kshema Power Company allegedly evaded one percent stamp duty during the purchase and sale of land for wind mill installations. The evasion occurred through strategic registration practices, causing substantial losses to the government.

Financial Impact and Criminal Acts

The estimated cost per wind mill was found to be Rs 15.52 crore, leading to stamp duty evasion of Rs 15.52 lakh per wind mill. This evasion was attributed to unscrupulous practices during registrations, implicating government officers and employees in collaboration with private entities.

Legal Actions and Those Implicated

The investigation has resulted in the registration of a case against key individuals involved. Deputy Registrar Commercial Tax Department Ujjain Pragya Sharma, Deputy Registrar Commercial Tax Department Ujjain Raghavendra Raghuvanshi, and several others, including officials from Kshema Power and SBESS Company, face charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Expansion of Investigations to Other Districts

The stamp duty evasion activities were not confined to one district. The Lokayukta’s investigation expanded to include other districts, revealing similar practices in Ratlam. The sub-registrars of Ratlam district, along with officers and employees of Kshema Power Limited and SBESS Company, are implicated in the evasion scheme.

Legal Ramifications for the Accused

If proven guilty, the accused, including government officials and private individuals, will face charges under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Corruption Act. The case underscores the gravity of stamp duty evasion, tarnishing the reputation of those involved.

In summary, the stamp duty evasion scandal involving Kshema Power Limited unfolds as a complex web of fraudulent activities, prompting legal actions and casting a spotlight on the need for stricter oversight in property transactions.

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