Explore Uttar Pradesh’s unique Dan Patra Scheme, allowing property transfers among blood relatives with a minimal stamp duty of Rs 5000. The initiative breaks records, benefiting families and contributing over Rs 18 crore in revenue.

Unlocking Property Transfers: Dan Patra Scheme in UP

The state of Uttar Pradesh introduces a groundbreaking Dan Patra Scheme, revolutionizing property transfers within families. Under this initiative, substantial properties can be seamlessly transferred to loved ones, accompanied by a nominal stamp duty of only Rs 5000.

Concession for Blood Relatives

The Dan Patra Scheme extends its benefits exclusively to property transfers among blood relatives. This has resulted in a significant surge in property registrations, with Agra alone witnessing a remarkable increase.

Record-Breaking Registration Numbers

In just three months, Agra surpassed the previous year’s record, with 4691 people taking advantage of the scheme. The Registration Department reaped the rewards, accumulating revenue exceeding Rs 18 crore.

Scheme Details and Eligibility

The scheme, initially implemented for six months starting June 18, 2022, witnessed 4722 beneficiaries. Limited to blood relatives, including father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, real siblings, and children of son/daughter, the Dan Patra facilitates property transfers without burdening individuals.

Government’s Revenue Gain

Apart from the minimal stamp duty of Rs 5000, the government collects one percent of the property’s government value during the registration of a Dan Patra. This resulted in the government amassing revenue exceeding Rs 18 crore by November 15.

Fostering Family Harmony and Financial Ease

The Assistant Inspector General, Registration, Sunil Kumar Singh, highlights the government’s intent behind the scheme – to alleviate the financial burden associated with property transfers among blood relatives. The encouraging response indicates not only financial benefits but also a potential reduction in family disputes related to property.

In conclusion, the Dan Patra Scheme in Uttar Pradesh emerges as a transformative approach, simplifying property transfers, promoting family cohesion, and generating substantial revenue for the state.

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