Discover the latest SOP by UP RERA mandating non-judicial stamp papers for buyer-promoter settlements, aimed at streamlining the resolution process and ensuring compliance.

Introduction to UP RERA Guidelines

The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP RERA) has taken a proactive step to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of dispute resolution in the real estate sector. Recognizing the significance of smooth settlements between buyers and developers, UP RERA has released a comprehensive set of guidelines. These guidelines address concerns arising from instances where parties fail to adhere to mutual settlements, leading to disruptions in the resolution process.

Key Guidelines for Settlements

The new guidelines, issued on February 2, 2024, outline specific procedures to be followed for executing settlements:

  • Mandatory use of non-judicial stamp paper valued at Rs 100, ensuring legal validity and enforceability of agreements.
  • The stamp paper must be notarized and signed by the promoter’s director, MD, or CEO, as well as the allottee, ensuring authentication and commitment from both parties.
  • In addition to the signatures of the parties involved, the stamp paper requires the endorsement of one witness from each side, adding a layer of verification.
  • Terms of the settlement should align with applicable laws and public policies, preventing any contradictions or conflicts with legal provisions.
  • Promoters are obligated to upload the settlements on the UP RERA portal, facilitating transparency and accountability in the resolution process.
  • Parties unable to participate in physical verification procedures must communicate via email within a specified timeframe, ensuring procedural integrity and informed decision-making.

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability

By emphasizing the use of non-judicial stamp papers and implementing stringent verification processes, UP RERA aims to promote compliance and accountability within the real estate sector. These measures are designed to standardize procedures, enhance transparency, and foster trust between buyers and promoters. Moreover, by streamlining the settlement process, UP RERA seeks to reduce disputes and legal complexities, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the real estate market in Uttar Pradesh.

In essence, the introduction of these guidelines reflects UP RERA’s commitment to ensuring fair and equitable dispute resolution mechanisms while upholding the interests of all stakeholders involved in real estate transactions. Through proactive regulatory measures, UP RERA aims to create a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development in the real estate sector, ultimately benefiting both consumers and industry players alike.

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